English activity to Amadeu High School

English Activities to the Periquito Loves’ blog (2nd bimester 2011) Date:___/___/___

Amadeu High School





Jennifer Lawrence talks ‘X-Men,’ fame and ‘Hunger Games’

‘Friday Night Lights,’ the final farewell: ‘Perfect Record’

Jeff Conaway dies: John Travolta, Marilu Henner and Dr. Drew remember the actor


‘Kung Fu Panda 2’

“Hangover Part II”: The neverending bender, redux

Woody Allen’s rapturous return

Theater & Dance

‘Old Times’ at Lansburgh Theatre

At Tomb of the Unknowns, a ritual of remembrance

Star shine in Big Apple

01. Conforme as informações acima,  a seção  de jornal correspondente a elas seria                                                                                                                                        (1,0)

A(  ) Editorial;  B(  ) Letters to editors;  C(   ) Sports;   D(   ) Front page;   E(   ) Entertainment.

02.Read the sentences and write (choose) the best alternative to complete         (1,0)

I – The painting ____________was stolen is worth $ 1,000,000!

II – The 7th of September is the day _________ we celebrate our country’s independence.

A(  ) When –   where;

B(  ) Where –  when;

C(  ) Which –   when;

D(  ) That –      when;

E(  ) Who –     where.

03.Forneça o nome (em inglês) dos ambientes sugeridos a seguir: Sala de visitas e Cozinha.                                                                                      (1,0)                                       


04.Agora leia o excerto (trecho) do texto a seguir e o traduza para o português                    (3,0)

When I read the article “Women: go back to where you belong”, I was totally shocked. In a society which is struggling hard to guarantee and protectthe rights not only of women but also several minority groups – or maybe I should call them priority groups -, it is outrageous to find people who still like this. It was a shame to see that all the gains in the field of social democracy and equity were totally disregarded by the author. Kean Smashfield, 53 (From page 16 – pupil copy-book) V. 2 2011


05.Relacione os dicionários abaixo a suas possíveis definições (page 27)                                                                                                                                           (1,0)

a)bilingual dictionary

b)etymological dictionary

c)pocket dictionary

d)crossword dictionary

(   ) A kind of dictionary that traces the development of a word over time, giving historical examples to show chages;

(   ) A kind of dictionary that has words grouped togegther by the numbers of letters in them to help people find words of a certain length to complete their crosswords puzzles;

(   ) A kind of dictionary that is small and portable; it is designed to be carried. Also called mini-dictionary;

(   ) a kind of dictionary that is that brins words in two languages. Each language is grouped alphabetically in separate halves of the book, with translations into the other language.  

06.Leia as habilidades abaixo trabalhadas na apostila do aluno (v.2 – page 3) e responda                                                                                                                                                                                               (1,0)


I – Deduzir uma regra gramatical com base na análise de exemplos;

II – Identificar a opinião do leitor, com base em pistas verbais presentes no texto;

III – Relacionar conteúdos e manchetes às respectivas seções em um jornal;

IV – Fazer inferências apoiadas em palavras cognatas.

A(   ) todas as afirmações estão corretas;

B(  ) apenas as habilitades I, II e III  estão corretas;

C(  ) apenas a habilidade IV não é correta;

D(  ) apenas a habilidade II não é correta;

E(  ) todas as afirmações estão erradas.

07.Escreva a tradução dos seguintes verbos da sua apostila (page 36)                                 (1,0)

Wear: Leave:
Build: Lead:


08. Comente em português a respeito do que se diz no fragmento abaixo em inglês.       (1,0)

If you want my honest opinion, I Think people  should only get a driving license when they are 21 years old.

Your comment: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pay close attention and good work!!! Teacher Délio


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